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Mainly smaller cars are equipped with car tyres of the dimension 175/65 R14. This tyre designation consists of four separate indications that characterise the specific characteristics of the tire.

The first three-digit number - in this case, the "175" - indicates the width of the tyre in millimetres. The measurement always takes place at the widest point of the tyre and in the unloaded condition.

A slash always separates the first from the second specification, which is the ratio of the flank height of the tyre to its width. In this case, the percentage ratio is 65 percent. Thus, the tyre has a side height of 113.75 millimetres resulting from the product of the tyre width (175 millimetres) and the ratio (65 percent).

The third item - the letter "R" - refers to the design of the tyre. All tyres marked with an "R" are so-called radial tyres - also called belt tyres. Their name derives from the radial arrangement of the carcass plies.

The last number group indicates the rim size required for this tyre. The data are always given in inches. Accordingly, rims with a diameter of 14 inches are required for tyres of this same dimension.

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