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185 55 R15 - versatile whatever the season

Buy 185/55 R15 tyres at best prices - Superior Cars Northampton!

Tyres of the size mentioned above are made for the compact class and the lower middle-class of cars.

Advantages of the 185 55 R15 tyre size

Most cars allow a small margin when selecting the right tyre dimension. Thus many drivers can even opt for tyres in the dimension 185 60 R15. It is important that the selected size is also indicated in the vehicle registration. 185 55 R15 tyres are 185 mm wide, the ratio of width and height is 55 percent and the diameter is 15 inches. So therefore, tyres of this size are comparatively compact tyres, which convince above all with a high driving comfort.

At Superior Cars we have tyres in size 185 55 R15 available for every season:

Summer tyres

Winter tyres

All-season tyres

Please note, for both winter tyres and all-season tyres, the tyres need the M + S symbol printed on the tyre side wall in order to be driven on snow and ice. Also, a minimum profile depth of

1.6 mm is required for all tyres. This rule is not only a matter of safety but also fundamental to ensure that your insurance coverage is maintained. 185 55 R15 tyres are available in various price segments. 

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