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Are you looking to buy 185 65 R15 tyres?

Here at Superior cars in Northampton, you can buy tyres in this size at the best prices.

From October to Easter, winter tyres are driven, the rest of the year summer tyres are mounted - or some of you may decide to go for all-season tyres, which should ensure safety in all seasons. We have 185 65 R15  tyres available that are suitable for every preference for larger compact vehicles and the lower medium class.

Buy 185 65 R15 tyres at best prices - Superior Cars Northampton!

185 65 R15 tyres are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, such as the VW Polo and other cars of this class. It is therefore rather the small and compact carriages that this tyre size is made for. With a width of 185 mm, the tyres are rather narrow; the diameter is 15 inches. The cross-section ratio is 65 percent and, of course, as is the case with most passenger car tyres, these are radial tyres. This dimension is very common - only all-season tyres of the size 185 60 R15 are not available from every tyre manufacturer. Nevertheless, it still is a typical size, and so it is offered by individual manufacturers.

185 65 R15 tyres are, as mentioned before, available for every season so that you will be safe all year round. To achieve this, they must provide the necessary grip and good traction on different roads surfaces. 

All winter tyres must also be marked with the M + S symbol. Even all-season tyres have to have this symbol in order to be allowed to be driven in winter. 

All year round, motorists can rely on our fantastic tyre range in size 185 65 R15. 

Please have a good look at our website. The right tyres in this size are easy to find and to order here - whatever your budget. 

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Buy 185/65/R15 tyres at low prices at Superior Cars in Northampton.

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