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Tyres in dimension 195/55R15

The size and characteristics of car tyres can be found on the side of each tyre model. In order to make it easier for users to navigate, the specification according to the ECE regulations - these are regulations which are valid internationally for motor vehicles and accessories - is standardised. Therefore, the term "195/55R15 " can also be easily deciphered.

The first three-digit number - in this case, the "195" - indicates the width of the tyre, with millimetre being used as the measuring unit. The value is always measured at the widest point of the unloaded car tyre. According to the slash, the ratio of the flank height to the tyre width is in this case "55". Since the width of the car tyre is known, its edge height can be easily determined.

In this case, it is 107.25 millimetres (= 195 millimetres * 55 per cent). The following letter indicates the design of the tyre. Since there is an "R", it is called a so-called radial tyre - also called belt tyre. The last two digits indicate the size of the rim of the car for this tyre. The information is given in inches. Thus, a tyre with the above designation is suitable for 15-inch rims.

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