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Like many things in life, tyre labellings are also subject to stringent standards. Thus they are always constructed according to the pattern 205/45 17. Often, before the last number, the letter R is visible for radial tyres. However, since nearly all car tyres are belonging to this category, the letter is sometimes omitted. The remaining three values are for the approximate tyre width in millimetres, the tyre profile and the inner diameter of the tyre. The tyre profile says something about the relationship between width and height of the tyre. For a 205/45 17 tyre, the height is, for example, 45 percent of 205 mm, i.e., 92.25 mm. The tyre profile of 45 per cent is, incidentally, the low profile tyre. The inner radius of 17 inches, on the other hand, is in the middle range and also determines the size of the rim to which this tyre is to be mounted later. After all, everything has to fit in the end.

Buy 205/45/R17 tyres online at best prices - Superior Cars!

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Buy 205 45 R17 tyres online at Superior Cars Northampton!

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