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Before you start browsing our website for the right tyres for your vehicle, let us give you a bit more information:

For tyre data such as 215/50 17, the width of the tyre is stated before the slash. This is measured between the inner and outer side walls in the unloaded state and expressed in millimetres. The tyre is mounted on the rim during the measurement. The following is a statement about the tyre height - this time not in millimetres, but as a percentage value, which is set in relation to the tyre width. For a 215/50 17, this means: 50 percent of 215 mm give a tyre height of 107.5 mm. The tyre designation also indicates the size of the appropriate rim, which in this case is 17 inches. This is the same as the inner diameter of the tyre.

EU tyre label:

As with many other products, there are also some EU guidelines for tyres. The manufacturers must, therefore, mark all tyres with the EU tyre label. This regulation, adopted in 2009, concerns cars and commercial vehicles. The size of the label is standardised at 75 × 110 mm as well as the measured values indicated on it: roll resistance, wet adhesion and external rolling noise. The EU would like to make a contribution to environmental protection and safety on the roads. However, it is important for customers to pay attention to the EU tyre label when purchasing the tyre, and to evaluate products that perform well in this regard.

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