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Your car needs new tyres? Find out first which tyre size is suitable for your vehicle. This is quite easy: take a look at the tyres that are already mounted on your car - or even better, have a look at your vehicle's "V5" (= log book).

215 55 R16 tyres are 215 mm wide, the ratio of width and height is 55%, and the diameter of the tyre is 16 inches, that means, the tyre is supposed to be used on a 16inch rim. The letter "R" is short for the "radial" design of the tyre. Most car tyres are radial tyres (also called belt tyres).

Enter the data into our practical search mask at the Superior Cars Online Shop, and within seconds, we will present you with a wide selection of suitable tyres for every budget (top of the range, medium range or cheap budget range). We have summer tyres, winter tyres and all -season tyres in size 215/55 R16 for you, selected by our tyre configurator! Order conveniently online, and Superior Cars takes care of the rest! We deliver your new tyres of size 215/55 R16 to your door step or get them ready for you at our Superior Cars workshop in Northampton, where our specialists will be happy to balance and fit the tyres for you. mounting. 

If the sheer variety of tyres on our website confuses you and you feel you need help and a bit of advice. Please do not worry. We are here for you. Just give us a shout. 

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