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With 225/50 R17 tyres, you opt for moderate size tyres that are used for numerous vehicles from the compact class to the SUV. All well-known tyre manufacturers produce tyres to this standard and assure a wide selection in various tyre series. Our Superior Cars Onlineshop carries 225/50 R17 tyres from Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop and many other brands, which will allow you buy to you individual preferences from the premium segment to the inexpensive budget alternative. Thanks to our practical search mask you will find the right tyre with only a few mouse clicks.

Different vehicles require different tyres. The UNECE Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE) is writing a uniform label in compressed form so that it is immediately apparent whether a particular tyre is suitable for a passenger car model. In the case of passenger car tyres, ECE 30 applies, which applies to:

Summer tyres

Winter tyres

All-season tyres

According to this regulation, a tyre designation such as 225/50 R17 can be simply broken down. The first three-digit number represents the tyre width. The measurement is carried out at the widest point of the tyre and in the unloaded state. The value is always given in millimetres. The two-digit number after the slash indicates the ratio of the flank height of the tyre to its tread width. This is a percentage value. The following letter shows the design of the tyre. With modern tyres, the "R" is almost always used for radial tyres. The last number refers to the required rim diameter in inches.

So the 225/50 R17 model is a 225 mm wide radial tyre where the ratio of the flank height to the tread width is 50 percent, and you need 17-inch diameter rims. At Superior Cars, you will find tyres of the dimension 225/50 R17 as summer-, winter-, or all-season tyres at reasonable prices.

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