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Tyres of dimension 225/65R17 are one of the established measures and are therefore offered as summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres and even specialist tyres (Run-flat etc.) for many standard series. With a moderate width of 225mm, 65% profile and the diameter of 17 inches, the tyres are primarily used for medium size cars as well as for compact vehicles. Tyres with dimensions 225/65R17 as a type specification belong to the standard production sizes of all well-known manufacturers, as you will be able to see on our Superior Cars website. At our online shop, you will have a fantastic choice of tyres in size 225/65R17.

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Whether you want to purchase a set of two tyres in the required size or a complete set of four for the next season - you will find the current tyre size in a variety of models and offered by many different tyre manufacturers. 

We have 225 65 R17 tyres available for every budget - from high-end to low-budget. 

If you only need one tyre, please give us a call or come directly to our Superior cars shop in Northampton. 

With every purchase, you make a valuable contribution to traffic safety and opt for tyres with a sufficient profile depth and modern tyre components. Just access our website and have your new tyres delivered to your front door or our modern Superior Cars workshop for fitting!

Our experts will balance and fit the tyres for you in next to no time and at a very competitive price. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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