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235 45 R17  - optimum features for the compact and middle class.

Buy 235/45/R17 tyres at best prices - Superior Cars Northampton!

Tyres of size 235 45 R17 are very popular with many motorists. The wide tyres impress with their high traction and excellent steering. Also, 235 45 R17 tyres are specially designed for sporty compact and medium-class cars for a striking exterior.


Wide tyres have long been preferred as tyres for the summer. On the one hand, the optics play an important role because car tyres with a low cross-section and a large internal diameter give the vehicle a sporty appearance. More important, however, are the handling characteristics. Tyres like the 235 45 R17 summer tyres, can exploit their full potential on dry asphalt and light rain. The decisive factor here is the large rolling resistance of the tyres, which ensures maximum soil adhesion. The rolling resistance increases with the width of the tread. Also, the low tyre height ensures improved cornering stability.

At our Superior Cars online shop, you will be able to find tyres of dimension 235/45/R17 at very reasonable prices.

In this size, we are able to offer you summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres and also run-flat tyres. We sell tyres of the leading brands as well as budget range products. Whatever tyre you want to buy - whatever tyre you can afford, you can buy directly from our Superior Cars online shop. Home delivery or shop fitting at our Superior Cars workshop in Northampton - whatever is more convenient for you,  we will sort it out for you.

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