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245/40 R17 tyres combine two special tyre shapes. Firstly, they belong to the wide-base tyre category with their breadth of 245 mm. They are used on sports cars or tuned vehicles. The tyre width is expressed by the first value in a tire designation such as 245/40 R17. Look at the tyres of a BMW M5 for example; the wide tyres are clearly recognisable. They give these cars more grip on the road when the driver brings the speedometer to the maximum. The tyre width of 245 mm must be only seen as a theoretical value. In practice, there may be slight deviations in the production of the tyres. These error tolerances are intercepted by the fact that the first number in the tyre identifications is continued in 10 steps.

Determination of the tyre height

According to the tyre width, something is said about the tyre profile. With a 245/40 R17 tyre it is 40 percent, which would be the second special feature because tyre profiles of less than 50 percent are called low profile tires. The tyre profile represents the ratio of tire width to tyre height. The latter is determined for this tire by calculating 40 percent of 245 mm. It is therefore 98 mm. The letter R indicates: This is a radial tyre. A third number follows the R. It stands for the inner radius of the tyre, which is 17 inches in size. This is at the same time the measure for the rim that matches this tyre. 

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