SUV/4x4 Tyres

SUV, 4x4 and off-road tyres available at Superior Cars

SUV tyres and off-road tyres for all seasons can easily be found  on our Superior cars website.

The right off-road / SUV tyres for you!

Are you driving an off-road vehicle, an an SUV? We have the right SUV tyres for you! Choose from a wide selection of SUV summer tyres, off-road winter tyres and all-weather tyres that fit your SUV and meet your requirements. SUV and off-road tyres are usually subjected to harder conditions compared to "normal" car tyres. You must always rely on your SUV and off-road tyres - the only thing that connects you and your vehicle to the road. Therefore, we only sell off-road tyres from well-known tyre manufacturers.

Do you want to save on your SUV / 4WD / off-road tyre purchase?

Then you have come to the right place! We are able to offer you the best prices in town. 

Enter the required tyre size directly into our search section, order from the comfort of your own home and your off-road or SUV tyres will either be sent to you within a few days - or you can simply book a convenient fitting appointment in our modern workshop directly with your order.

High quality off-road tyres at Superior Cars in Northampton

With the SUV tyres of well-known manufacturers at Superior Cars, nothing will stop your adventures because with off-road tyres you are always safe in rough terrain such as sand, mud or on rocky fields and forest roads. Drivers should pay attention to typical quality features such as stability, longevity, road ability and material quality. At Superior Cars you will find first-class off-road tyres with optimum handling characteristics at the very best prices.

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