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Vehicle air-conditioning systems ensure safety!

The higher the internal temperature in the car, the higher the risk of accidents. This is because the driver's concentration and response time are reduced in the hot car. An optimally adjusted car air-conditioning system, therefore, ensures  not only a "cool head", but also your safety. To make sure,  your air-conditioning system always has the right  feel-good temperature,  manufacturers recommend an annual air-conditioning service at a professional  vehicle workshop. Our specially trained experts at Superior Cars provide quality services for Air Conditioning Northampton.

Why is my air conditioning system not maintenance-free?

The smooth operation of an air conditioner depends on the refrigerant. It provides the right cooling, And the added  oil lubricates the components. A car's air-conditioning system does not form a closed system. Each year, 8.2% of the refrigerant is lost. When entering the atmosphere, the refrigerant is polluting the environment.So a regular air-conditioning service also reduces the negative environmental impact.

These consequences occur due to irregular maintenance:

Insufficient cooling of the car's interior

Damage due to loss of refrigerant, since, for example, the compressor is hot without lubrication
In the long term, the dryer will wear out moisture from the refrigerant to protect other components from corrosion On the evaporator, bacteria and fungi accumulate, which are distributed during the operation in the car.

Air conditioning maintenance - only with new interior filter

The interior filter cleans the air from fine dust, pollen, soot and other dirt particles  before flowing  into your car.
Poor air quality makes you  tired, irritates the eyes and the respiratory tract. When the air is cleansed, it ensures the well-being and reduces the risk of asthma and allergies, especially in the case of pollen-allergic persons.

Experts recommend changing the interior filter approximately every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. Our Superior Cars experts advice: Do not use  cheap filters with poor fit and high moisture absorption. We recommend only filters in original equipment quality .

Climate inspection or air-conditioning disinfection?

If the air conditioner is disinfected, the ventilation system of your car is cleaned. Bacteria, microbes and fungi are removed and unpleasant odours such as nicotine disappear. In this way, the health risk for allergies is stopped and you are safe again with fresh air on the road.

The air conditioner inspection complements the climate disinfection perfectly, which is why we recommend a combination of both services. During the air conditioning inspection, the air conditioning refrigerant is sucked off, the system is dried and the refrigerant is refilled. All air conditioning system maintenance work is carried out and documented according to the specifications of the automobile manufacturers.

From our Superior Cars  air conditioning service you can expect:

  • Functional and visual inspection of your car's Air conditioning system
  • Refrigerant exchange/re-charge
  • Adding oil for the compressor
  • Disinfection of the air conditioning system to remove bacteria and fungi
  • Repair of defected air conditioning Northampton

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