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3 Damaging Signs to Look for in Your Car’s Exhaust System

The health and performance of your vehicle go parallel, i.e., a car having faulty parts or malfunctioning mechanical setting can never live up to your expectations. More of a vehicle’s health is determined by how its internal system, e.g., engine and exhaust system are working. Put the engine aside, let’s just dig into the exhaust system to understand its significance to the health of a vehicle.

‘Superior Cars’, that is one of the pioneers of garage services in Northampton, believes that the exhaust system health is key to a vehicle’s performance. The exhaust system works in coordination with a vehicle’s engine to emit smoke and gases out, so that the engine can run cleanly...

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How To Fix General Braking Issues

Brakes play an essential role when it comes to road safety. They are the one thing in your car, whose failure on the road can prove to be fatal. Therefore, one should regularly maintain this car component. From brake fluids to brake pads, there is an ample amount of minor reasons that can cause the brake to fail. To ensure your safety on the road, you should get your brakes repaired as soon as you see any cause for future malfunction.

The Most Common Problems to Occur With the Braking System are:

Emptying Brake Fluids: One of the commonly faced problems with car brakes are low brake fluids. This can arise due to the unsealing of the caliper piston. The unsealing can re...

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How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

It is summer time as the snow has melted away and the weather has warmed up. Just like you, your vehicle can also feel it that it is hot around. At this time of the year, your car is in need of a thorough check-up, to know if it is ready to hit the road or not. This is necessary as it is time for long drives and numerous road trips. You must be wondering what extra is needed in the summer conditions.

Let us dig deeper into the information on the summer checks:

Change your tyres and check the pressure:

It is not a good idea to drive your car with winter tyres still on. Winter tyres will wear more in summer conditions, and also will ...

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A clutch is that component of the car which connects two or more rotating shaft. It is responsible for monitoring the connection between the shaft coming from the engine and the shaft which control the wheels. It is a very important part of a car’s functioning system as the engine continuously generates power and thus has some parts which are constantly rotating; but because of the clutch of the car, the wheels are not spinning.


The motors running on gasoline or diesel generate power that ranges over a relatively smaller range of engine rpm (rpm stands for rotation per minute). Therefore, this transfer requires different gear ratio matching your rpm which th...

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Nine Common Problems With BMW

With all the cool and swanky features that come with owning a BMW, there are also a few common problems with the brand. If you too are noticing performance issues in your cool and sporty BMW, then here we give you a list of nine common problems that your BMW may be facing.

1) Oil Leaks: BMW valve cover gaskets and oil pan gaskets are a big problem area. Most fluids in it do not get used up or discharge (except gasoline and windshield washer fluid). If you notice dipping fluid levels then come visit Superior Cars and get the leaks fixed right away. An oil leak can damage the BMW engine and may even require replacement. Common symptoms of oil leakage are burning smell, signs of drip or wet sp...

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Watch Out for these Symptoms that can Cause Serious Car Damage

If you are going to own your first car, then you have to take upon yourself the responsibility of maintaining it. No, not thorough maintenance, just the basic routine will more than suffice. For thorough servicing, you have to get your vehicle to a professional car garage. You can go for an interim service every 6 months or a full service every 1 year. Letting alone professional expertise, some maintenance that you can perform yourself at home include:

  • Air pressure checks.
  • Engine oil check and refill.
  • Checking the tyres for damage and tread depth.
  • Cleaning the battery terminals.
  • Replacing windshield wipers and...
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How to Pass the BMW MOT Post the Dieselgate Scandal

Early in 2018, most major German car manufacturers fell prey to the emissions-fixing scandal. It was widely described across the world as Dieselgate. It cast a sense of collective disdain over the fabled German car industry. Icons like Volkswagen, Audi and BMW were all charged with fixing their NOx levels, i.e. oxides of Nitrogen, a major contributor to air pollution.

After that scandal, a lot of BMW models were not able to pass an MOT test in the UK, just because the emissions software caught its foul play. If you own a BMW car and have recently faced a failed MOT, you might want to read on.

Smarting a BMW MOT in the UK

What BMW did was tweak the s...

Posted on: 26, 11, 2018 at 10:55:28
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Pass the MOT Test with these Car Maintenance Checks from Your Home

The MOT test certifies that your car is safe and roadworthy to drive. For that, testers will check every component and parts in your car. There are more than 20,000 garages in the UK that can perform an MOT check and certify your car.

One such car garage is. You can head over to reputable automobile repair centres like Superior Cars for an MOT Northampton. They are renowned for their exemplary services throughout the UK. Although you can check some components easily at home, you will need professional help in some cases.

Take a look at some maintenance essentials you can do at home to pass an ...

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Embrace the Where, What and How Of Driving Before Buying All-Season Tyres

Northampton, owing to its central location in the United Kingdom, is known to experience massive temperature fluctuations every year. With mercury levels oscillating between the 30°C (summers) and 3°C mark (winters), altering your car tyres must have become a routine job.

The process of switching tyres twice a year is both inconvenient and big enough bill. Opting for all-season tyres is an excellent way of solving this challenge. However, before you order a new set, a few questions need to be answered.

  • Where do you drive?
  • What do you drive?
  • How do you drive?

A combination of these answers wil...

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Don’t Think Twice – Get Dunlop Tyres for Maximum Stability and Performance

To get an idea regarding the uniqueness of Dunlop, you have to know the fascinating story behind its origin. And you can trust it to be interesting.

John Boyd Dunlop, the visionary founder of the company, was also a dutiful father. It is because of this reason that we get to enjoy the fruits of his creation.

A Brief History or Rather an Unusual Story

The story goes like this: once a doctor suggested that Mr Dunlop’s son ride his bike outside in the chilling cold of Birmingham. Naturally, it was virtually impossible to ride anything under such extreme conditions. To make matters easy for his already sick son, Dunlop Sr. came up with an innovative idea. He decided...

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