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How does it feel to ride the brilliant Audi? It feels amazing right? Now you must take steps to ensure that the ride stays enjoyable for a long time.

Superior Car's Audi maintenance concept is convincing thanks to its flexibility: Two most essential things you need to take care of concerning your Audi is to make sure you drive your Audi on quality tyres and ensure it passes MOT assessment and stays roadworthy.

For tyres and MOT and DPF Cleaning Superior has you covered!

Buy Audi Tyres from Superior Cars

At Superior, we boast of stock of an extensive range of tyres of various sizes that can be fitted to many types of vehicles. You can buy tyres directly from our tyre shop in Northampton, or visit our website and order tyres online.

Choose from the best brands of tyres for your Audi. The brands of tyres we supply are reliable and known for their top quality worldwide. At Superior, you can buy tyres with patterns and designs specially developed for Audi vehicles. Dunlop, Goodyear and Bridgestone are few of the brands available at Superior Cars that are highly recommended for your precious vehicle.

For any queries, talk to our tyres experts today. 

Audi's MOT Check in Northampton

Now that you own your dream car, you must make sure it stays healthy and compliant to the UK laws. With the influx of new rules in May 2018, MOT test has become a concern for many UK motorists.

Well, we are here to rid you of all the concerns and worries, and ensure your Audi stays roadworthy.

Our MOT technicians will perform a complete inspection of your vehicle and its components to assess possible defects. Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment capable of performing precise measuring and testing techniques on your Audi. We shall then provide a detailed report confirming if the detected faults were minor, major, or dangerous. A list or repair and service recommendations will also be provided along with this report.

At Superior, you can avail MOT level 4, MOT level 5, MOT level 5 light, and MOT level 7 services. Click on the links to book an online appointment from our website today.

If you have any queries or concerns, drop us a line at 01604601601 or email us on You may even send us a message directly through the contact us page on our website.

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