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Let us take care of everything. From maintenance, inspection, repair, air condition, tyres, and wheel alignment to the annual MOT - we are your partner. But hand on heart: who wants to spend time and money on a workshop appointment? We agree! Therefore, it is a special concern of us to make all service/repair work around your BMW as fast and cost-efficient as possible.

Superior Car's BMW service is tailor-made to every vehicle's specific needs. Depending on the running performance and the age of the vehicle, your service specialists will do the perfect service for your car.

BMW tyres Northampton

In order to gain maximum performance from your BMW, you must make sure it is fitted with the right type of tyre.

Please have a look at our extensive range of tyres that would perfectly fit your BMW. Whatever BMW model, whatever the tyre brand- and size and whatever the budget, you shall find the perfect tyres at Superior Cars.

Visit our tyre shop in Northampton. Our experts here will guide you towards choosing the perfect tyres for your car. You may even visit our website and choose to buy BMW tyres online from the comfort of your couch.

BMW MOT Northampton

Is your BMW's MOT due soon? Note that without passing the MOT test, you are not allowed to drive your vehicle on the UK roads. MOT compliances became even more stringent with the introduction of new rules in May 2018.

But, fear not. Superior has got your covered.

Our state-of-the-art test centre and experienced personnel will check each and every part of your BMW to detect all levels of faults. Once the check is complete, you shall be provided with a list of detected faults and recommendations for actions you must take to remedy the defects.

Our MOT experts will ensure that kind of faults, i.e., minor, major and dangerous defects are taken care of, and your BMW passes the MOT test with flying colours.

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Now, no more waiting around in queues at the garage. Book an appointment with us from our website to avail all types of services, including MOT, DPF Cleaning, and repairs we render. You can even order tyres online from our website and get them delivered to your home hasslefree.

For queries and enquiries, call us at 01604601601 or email us on You may even drop us a message through the contact form on the Contact Us page.

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