Daewoo services Northampton - Superior Tyres

Does your Daewoo need a service? 

In order to prevent damage and keep your vehicle running smoothly, services should be carried out at regular intervals. So why not book a service appointment with us?

Superior Car's Daewoo Service Northampton is the workshop that provides tailor- made service to every vehicle's specific needs. We will carry out the perfect service on your car.

Daewoo Air condition re-gas 

Whatever the season - you should always have the perfect climate in your car - with the help of Superior Cars air conditioning service, it's not a problem.

No air conditioning is maintenance-free!

You will feel a real difference when driving. You will feel fresher and more alert due to better air quality and temperature regulation.

With a Superior cars Daewoo climate service you get the perfect climate inside your vehicle, so you can forget bad odors, higher fuel consumption and common bacteria attacks.

The Daewoo Climate Service in Northampton for you - Superior Cars!

Get your air con checked at any time - no appointment needed.

Daewoo  tyres and wheel alignment Northampton - Superior Cars!

Well, service and air condition are sorted, but what about the tyres?

Don't forget this very  important part of vehicle maintenance and safety.

Please have a look at our fantastic selection of tyres, suitable for your Daewoo. Whatever model you drive, whatever tyre size- or brand you are looking for and whatever your budget,you will easily find the right tyres on our website.

After the tyre fitting you should get your car's wheel alignment checked.

You can read all about this topic on our website as well so you learn more about it. 

Any questions? Please get in touch.

Daewoo wheel alignment in Northampton - Superior Cars!

And last but definitely not least, remember when your Daewoo's MOT check is due?

To get the MOT done on your car, you don't need to go to go far. 

We at Superior Cars in Northampton carry out your Daewoo's annual MOT test, using state-of-the-art measuring and testing techniques. 

Afterwards we will explain the test results and you will certainly also receive your MOT test certificate straight away.

Whether you want to book in advance or need an urgent appointment to get the MOT test done, just contact us. We will sort it out for you.

So, if you need the MOT done on your car remember,  Daewoo MOT Northampton - Superior Cars!