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Fiat is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. Superior Cars in Northampton offers an extensive range of Fiat tyres and services at its garage in Northampton.

Fiat Tyres Northampton

Whether you own Fiat 500 for your family or Fiat Bravo for long distance driving, whether it's budget tyres you need for economical driving or performance tyres for high-speed driving, Superior Cars has the all types of tyres at your disposal.

Come to your garage and take a peek at our rich inventory of tyres that are available in all sizes and types. Our team will be with you, answering any questions you may have and help you choose the best tyres for your car. Apart from exclusive discounts, you can also gain free tyre fitting, balancing, and alignment services at our workshop.

You can even opt to buy Fiat tyres online from our website Make sure you know the size of the tyres that can be fitted to your vehicle before you place an order online. Refer the manufacturer's manual or have a look at the sidewall of the tyre currently fitted to your car, size is generally provided there. You can browse our inventory by selecting the correct size and rating of the tyres through the search tool provided on our website. Once you complete the purchase, the ordered tyres will be delivered to you in a handful of days depending on your location.

If you are looking to replace your Fiat tyres, there is no better place to replace them than Superior Cars.

Fiat MOT Northampton

Your vehicle must have MOT clearance for it to be legally driven in the UK. MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is a mandatory annual test that checks the vehicles in the UK for safety and exhaust emissions. New regulations were introduced in May 2018 for the test, which now assesses the vehicles for their roadworthiness by categorising the defects detected in them into Minor, Major and Dangerous faults. Your car fails the MOT test if any major or dangerous defects are detected in it.

At Superior Cars, our MOT experts will perform an extensive check of your vehicles and provide a complete list of detected defects, their categories, and advisories to remedy them. Appropriate repairs, services, Fiat DPF Cleaning and replacements will be carried out on your Fiat upon your consent. We perform MOT 4, MOT 5, MOT 5 Light, and MOT 7 checks at our local test centre. 

Book a Pre-MOT check online from our website today.

Bring your Fiat to Superior Cars

Whether you need new tyres, get a pre-MOT check done, or get the Fiat serviced and repaired, Superior Cars is the most excellent garage to avail of these services and products.

For queries and enquiries, call us on 0160401601. 

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