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If your Ford requires repairs, servicing or new tyres, you must bring it to Superior Cars garage in Northampton. Our Ford service program is tailored to cater specifically to your vehicle needs.

Ford Tyres Northampton

If you are looking to replace your current Ford tyres, then Superior Cars is the place to visit. Our Nottingham shop stocks tyres of varying types and sizes.  Our team of experts will always be at your disposal to help you buy the best tyres for your vehicle. Summer, Winter, All-Season, 4x4, Van, Run-Flat and so much more; a large treasure of tyres to choose from that would meet any requirements you may have. You can also take advantage of free wheel-fitting, wheel-alignment, and wheel-balancing services upon purchase of tyres from our garage.

Our rich stock of Ford tyres is also available online on our website for purchase. Visit our website and search tyres using our search feature for your car. You must be familiar with the size of the tyre that can be fitted to your Ford before you buy it. It can found in the manufacturer's manual or the sidewall of the tyre currently fitted to your vehicle. You can then access our online inventory by selecting the correct size and ratings and complete the purchase from the comfort of your home.

Recommended tyre brands for Ford models:

Goodyear Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres

Michelin Tyres

Reach out to us if you have any questions.

Ford MOT Northampton

It is mandatory your Ford passes the MOT test for it to be allowed to be legally driven on the UK roads. Moreover, passing the MOT also ensures that your car is healthy and roadworthy. At our auto workshop in Northampton, we offer MOT 4, MOT 5, MOT 5 Light, and MOT 7 checks for all types of vehicles. A comprehensive assessment will be carried out of your car, checking the health and performance level of every component. If defects are detected, appropriate advisories will be provided with their impact on your MOT Test result. Repairs, DPF Cleaning and replacements will be carried out upon your approval only. Our MOT checks and services will ensure your Ford stays roadworthy and on the run for a considerable period.

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If you have any questions for us concerning your vehicle, whether it is Ford or any other model, you can get in touch with your support team. Drop us a message through the contact form present on the 'Contact Us' page. You may even call us on 01604601601.

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