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Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy garage for your Honda? Do you want to replace the tyres of your vehicle with new OEM tyres?

Then look no further; your search ends at Superior Cars. We are an auto garage based in Nottingham that provides complete auto services and OEM components to motorists in the UK. Our customers have highly commended us for specialised MOT services and the wide range of quality tyres we provide Our dedicated Honda service is designed to cater to your specific vehicle needs. With Superior Cars, you shall be able to drive your vehicle for a long time without any issues.

Honda Tyres Northampton

We stock a broad range of tyres, manufactured by the best brands, at our local garage. Visit us anytime during working hours to go through our inventory. All types of tyres, including summer tyres, winter tyres, van tyres, caravan tyres, run-flat tyres and many more, are available at our local workshop. If you are not sure about the tyres right for your Honda, then talk to our tyre experts. They will take little time to understand your requirements and preferences, and help you buy the best tyres possible for your car. You may even take advantage of our exclusive offers and free tyre-fitting service, which also includes wheel alignment wheel balancing services, We also offer Honda DPF cleaning service in Northampton.

You can choose to visit our website and buy tyres online with ease. Simply select the size and rating of the tyres you want to purchase and our online stock will open up to you. If you are unsure about the tyre size, refer the manufacturer's manual or check the sidewall of the tyre current fitted to your vehicle for information. The tyres we sell are reliable and durable, backed by their manufacturer's quality and warranty.

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Honda MOT Northampton

To drive your Honda legally on the road, it must pass the much-dreaded MOT test. The MOT (Ministry Of Transport) test assesses the vehicle for its roadworthiness, taking into account its safety and exhaust emissions. Our MOT experts will check your car from top to bottom, and provide a detailed report consisting of the detected defects, their categories, and recommendations. Adequate repairs, servicing and replacements shall be provided at our garage upon your consent. Our Pre-MOT check service consists of:



MOT 5 Light

Mot 7

Book an MOT check for your Honda with us today.

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So what are you waiting for? If you have any concerns regarding your Honda's tyres, performance or MOT, bring it to Superior Cars garage in Nottingham. Drop us a line on 01604601601.

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