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Sometimes we don't even notice how "time flies". Due to our busy life styles, the months are just passing so quickly and we simply forget things like car servicing etc. - until the service light appears on your car's dash board...

So, when it's time for your Hyundai's annual service appointment, come to us - Hyundai service Northampton at Superior Cars.Here we will look after your vehicle, do the service, following the manufacturer's instruction. Our experts have many years of experience with Hyundai vehicles of all kinds.

Not only will they be able to do the "normal" service on your car but will also look after your Hyundai's air condition, which should be checked from time to time. 

The air-con service is not necessarily due every year, but you should let us have a look at it to see if all pipes etc. are intact or it needs a simple re-gas. We want to make sure, you always have the right climate in your Hyundai, no matter which season. 

The Hyundai Climate Service in Northampton - Superior Cars!

After all the talk about service and air con, please let us also mention your Hyundai's tyres. As they are the only direct connection between your car and the road, they are extremely important for your safety. You will find a large variety of suitable Hyundai tyres at our online shop. There is a tyre for everyone.

We will certainly be happy to balance and fit the tyres for you in our modern workshop, plus do the wheel alignment check for you to make sure the wheel run smoothly and the tyres are being worn slowly and evenly over time. Please have a look at the wheel alignment information section on our website.

Hyundai tyres and wheel alignment Northampton - Superior Cars!

So, all these important things are sorted now - only thing to keep in mind now is your yearly MOT test.

Don't worry, we can sort that out for you as well. Just let us know when you want to come over and we will book you in. We always have flexible appointments available for you.

Hyundai MOT Northampton - Superior Cars.