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It's not only the little ones that are high maintenance; even the big and heavy vehicles need regular servicing to keep running without any issues. If you own an Isuzu vehicle, you already know this. At Superior Cars workshop, we offer fast and reliable Isuzu vehicle services and products in Northampton and the surrounding areas.

The key product and service we would focus here are Isuzu tyres and Isuzu MOT service.

Isuzu Tyres Northampton

Tyres are one of the important components of a vehicle, especially taking road safety and vehicle performance into consideration. For trucks, pick-ups and heavy vehicles, the load carrying capacity of the tyre plays a crucial role. If the right tyres are not fitted to such vehicles, they may break down because of the heavy load and lead to road hazard. Refer the manufacturer's manual and the sidewall of the tyre to know the size, ratings and load-carrying capacity of compatible tyres.

If you are still unsure about the tyres right for your Isuzu, then come to our garage. Our on-site experts will take time to listen to your requirements, and introduce you to our rich stock of tyres taking into consideration essential details such as your vehicle type, weather conditions, terrain conditions and much more. We will help you buy the best Isuzu tyres. Moreover, you even get free tyre fitting, wheel alignment and wheel balancing services at our garage. We also offer Isuzu DPF cleaning service in Northampton.

You can even choose to buy tyres online from our site Using the search feature, select the appropriate size and ratings of the tyre, select the preferred brand and type, and complete the purchase in a few clicks.

We sell tyres of the most popular and reliable brands recognised across the world for their quality and durability. The brands recommended for Isuzu tyres are:

Bridgestone Tyres

Goodyear Tyres

Pirelli Tyres

If you still have any concerns, then send us a message.

Isuzu MOT Northampton

Regular servicing is vital to any vehicle's health. Apart from that, an MOT check once a year also ensures that your Isuzu stays safe, healthy, and roadworthy. It is mandatory for vehicles in the UK to pass the MOT test now. If defects are detected in the test, categorised under major or dangerous faults, your car will fail the MOT test and will not be allowed to be driven on the UK roads.

At Superior Cars, our MOT experts will check for all potential defects in the components and the working of your Isuzu. If defects are detected, you will be informed of them, along with the necessary advisories to remedy them. Upon your approval, these faults shall be rectified via service, repairs or replacements as needed. We will ensure that your Isuzu passes the MOT test with flying colours. We provide different levels of MOT checks classified as MOT 4, MOT 5, MOT 5 Light, and MOT 7.

Book an appointment online for Isuzu MOT Northampton check today.

Superior Cars Northampton

If you have questions concerning your Isuzu model, whether it is related to new tyres, exhaust health, braking system or anything else, visit us at our local workshop. We shall happily answer any questions you may have. You may even drop us a line on 01604601601.

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