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Regular maintenance and servicing will help safeguard the value and reliability of your Jaguar. But it is also essential that you get the servicing done from the right place. You must also refrain from using cheap replacement parts in order to save a couple of bucks; remember, doing so will cost you even more in the future.

The perfect solution: Bring the Jaguar to Superior Cars garage in Northampton. 

Jaguar Tyres Northampton

To gain maximum performance from the Jaguar, fitting it with the right tyres is crucial. Consider weather conditions, terrains you ride on, your driving style, your budget, vehicle compatibility and several other factors before buying new replacement tyres. Always buy original tyres that come from a recognised and reliable brand with a proper warranty.

At Superior Cars, we sell tyres from the most popular brands. The brands highly recommended for Jaguar models are:

Dunlop Tyres

Michelin Tyres

Pirelli Tyres

Visit our workshop to browse through our vast inventory of tyres. Speak with our executives; they shall help you purchase the best tyres for your Jaguar. Upon purchase, we shall also fit the tyres to your vehicle, ensuring correct balancing and alignment, for free.

You can even buy tyres online from our online shop Make sure you are familiar with the size of the tyres compatible with your vehicle before buying them. Refer Jaguar manual or look at the sidewall of the currently fitted tyres for information. Select the required size and ratings using the search tool on our website. You can then choose from the wide range of tyres we provide online. Complete the transaction in a few clicks and get the tyres of your choice delivered to your home in a handful of days only.

If you still have any queries, then just send us a message.

Jaguar MOT Northampton

Our MOT experts are trained, experienced, and updated with the latest rules and regulations. A complete check of your car will take place at our local MOT centre in Nottingham. Every component will be assessed for potential faults and leakages. The performance of the intricate system of your modern vehicle will be measured. A detailed report consisting of a list of the errors and their advisories will be provided. We shall provide the repairs and replacement services upon your approval. We keep the communication completely transparent throughout the process, and you shall be kept notified during each stage of the process. We also offer Jaguar DPF cleaning service in Northampton.

At Superior Cars, we perform the following MOT tests:



MOT 5 Light

MOT 7 

So if your MOT is due, why wait? Book an appointment online and get the MOT done on your Jaguar today.

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Our teams in the garage will always happily any questions you have, and assist you throughout the buying process. You can even call us on 01604601601 and get your queries sorted.

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