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Are you looking for a reliable workshop to carry out the annual  service on your Lexus?

Welcome to Superior Cars.

Let us  take care of everything. Whether it's about maintenance, inspection, repair, air condition, tyres and wheel alignment or the annual MOT - we do it all.

We can assure you that we will do our best to carry out all service/repair work around your Lexus as fast, good, pleasant and cost efficient as possible. 

Superior Car's Lexus service is tailor made to every vehicle's specific needs. Depending on the running performance and the age of the vehicle and whether you drive a Hybrid or a "regular" car, your designated service specialists will do the perfect service for your car.

Lexus Air condition re-gas 

All year round the perfect climate with your Superior Cars Lexus air conditioning service. No air condition is maintenance-free!

With a Superior cars Lexus climate service you get the perfect climate inside your vehicle and you are safe from bad odors, unnecessary fuel consumption and common bacteria attacks.

The Lexus Climate Service in Northampton - Superior Cars!

Lexus tyres and wheel alignment Northampton - Superior Cars!

So service and air condition are sorted, but what about your tyres? You surely know, what an important part of vehicle maintenance and safety your car's tyres are, so please do not neglect them.

Please have a look at our fantastic tyre range, perfectly matching your Lexus vehicle. Whatever Lexus model you drive, whatever tyre brand you prefer - and whatever your car's tyre size, you will find 

the perfect tyres in our Superior Cars online shop - or, if you prefer our personal service, please call or come to see us. After the tyre fitting, you should definitely let our experts check your car's wheel alignment (tracking) as well to make sure your beautiful vehicle will always run smoothly..

We have created a special info-section about this topic on our website you might find helpful and informative.

Lexus wheel alignment in Northampton - Superior Cars!

Last but definitely not least, remember when your Lexus' next  MOT check is due?

To get the MOT done on your Lexus, just book it with Superior Cars. We will be happy to sort it out for you.We will always have a convenient appointment for you available.

So remember,  Lexus MOT Northampton - Superior Cars.