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Is your Mazda in need of new tyres? Is the 'check engine' light on? Is your car due to an MOT soon?

No matter what problem you are facing in your car, Superior Cars shall provide a solution. We are an auto workshop based in Northampton that caters to vehicles of varying types in the UK. We also offer original equipment, especially tyres, to our customers.

Mazda Tyres Northampton

At Superior Cars, a great selection of tyres is available for you to purchase. No matter what season, size, budget or brand of tyres you need, they are available here. Go through Mazda's manual or take a peek at your tyre's sidewall to know the size of the tyres you can buy. You must also purchase tyres from reliable brands, rather than opting for some cheap tyres and suffer later.

Mazda Tyre brands Recommendations:

Yokohama Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres

Continental Tyres

Michelin Tyres

Visit our Northampton garage to buy new tyres. Our experienced support team will understand your requirements, your vehicle type, compatible tyres, and your locality (to understand the terrain and weather conditions). In the end, we shall help you select the best tyres for your Mazda. Add to this, our free tyre fitting service, which also includes wheel alignment and wheel balancing services. We also offer Mazda DPF cleaning service in Northampton.

If you are an enthusiastic online shopper, you can even opt to buy tyres online. Visit our site, select the appropriate size and ratings, and our rich stock of tyres from the most excellent brands will be available for you to order. Complete the process in a few clicks and get the tyres delivered to your doorstep in a handful of days.

Mazda MOT Northampton

Passing the MOT test is mandatory for the majority of vehicles in the UK. Driving without its certificate can lead to hefty penalties and charges. With new rules and regulations introduced in May 2018, MOT test has become more stringent, especially for diesel car owners. 

If you take proper care of Mazda through regular maintenance and periodic servicing, then you don't have much to worry about. That is the key to passing the MOT test. And if it still concerns you, can always get your car checked at our centre. Our MOT experts will perform an extensive inspection of your vehicle components and the performance. Any defects that are detected shall be remedied upon your consent. Here, we provide MOT checks of various levels including MOT 4, MOT 5, MOT 5 Light, and MOT 7.

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If you need more information regarding new tyres or a due MOT test, get in touch with us today. You can talk to us directly in our garage in Northampton. You can even opt to send us a message or call us on 01604601601.

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