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Has the service light come on in your Mazda?

Time to book your car in for a service at our Superior Cars workshop. 

Our experts will get the service done for you with precision, know-how and best tools and equipment - fast and very cost efficient. After the first check, we will let you know exactly what work needs doing and how much it will cost. 

No fussing about - we get on the job.

Mazda service - Northampton - Superior Cars - that's it!

When was the last time you've had your air condition checked?

It's been a while? So why not get it checked to make sure it still works properly in order to avoid bad odor, extra fuel consumption, bacterial growth and "pollen attacks" in your car.

This is not just about the temperature (which is certainly important), it's about your and your passenger's health.

Whether it's about your Mazda Air condition re-gas only or a complete check of all parts, please come to us. The Mazda Climate Service in Northampton - Superior Cars!

Are you regularly checking your tyre's profile and tyre pressure? Well... you actually should. If you are not sure how to measure the tread and how much air there should be in the tyres, please don't worry. Come over to our workshop and we will do it for you.

In case you need new Mazda tyres, please have a look at our great selection of tyres online. Whatever season, size and brand you need, you will surely find it here. There are tyres for every use and every budget. After you've had the tyres fitted in our workshop, we would recommend to get the wheel alignment (tracking) checked as well to make sure, all wheels "run round" so your car drives smoothly, safer and the tyres last longer.For more information about wheel alignment and about the technology we are using, please have a look at our website.

Mazda wheel alignment and tyres in Northampton - Superior Cars!

And again one year is over and the MOT test on your Mazda is due...

No problem, we will sort it out for you as well. If you want, our certified MOT testers will do the testing while you wait. Please get in touch and we will book your car in at the time that suits you best.

So remember,  Mazda MOT Northampton - Superior Cars.