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Mercedes is one of the most respected tyre brands in the world. Mercedes models are known for their luxurious and classy make. But even luxurious cars need regular servicing and maintenance. The components must be replaced as well after a considerable period with replacement equipment for it to continue performing efficiently. Your Mercedes must also pass the difficult MOT test for you to drive it legally on the UK roads.

Fret not, because Superior Cars are here!

Established over 27 years ago, we are one of the oldest and widely recognised auto garages in Northampton. We provide complete servicing, repairs and MOT checks for all types of vehicles. We also specialise in selling OEM replacement parts and tyres to our customers. With Superior Cars around, you won't need to take your Mercedes anywhere else.

Mercedes Tyres Northampton

With Superior Cars, you can purchase tyres from the most well-known brands. If you want to have a close look at our inventory, then visit our Nottingham garage. Meet our experts here, talk to them and share your expectations and requirements. Considering multiple factors, they will help you select the most excellent tyres for your Mercedes. Fitting your Mercedes with tyres that is compatible with it and your driving behaviour is the key to experiencing the best of it.

As we aim to reach out to motorists across the UK, we have set up an online tyre shop where we sell tyres to our customers without the constraint of any physical limitation. Note that before you buy tyres from our website, you must be familiar with the tyre sizes and ratings compatible with your vehicle model. Read the Mercedes manual or take a close look at the sidewall of the tyres currently fitted to your car. Now, use the search feature on our website to select the correct size and tyres of the finest brands in our stock will be available for access. 

The tyre brands that run well with Mercedes are:

Dunlop Tyres

Pirelli Tyres

Yokohama Tyres

For comprehensive details about the brands of tyres we provide, refer our website.

Mercedes MOT Northampton

The annual MOT test is mandatory for all vehicles to clear in the UK. Not only does it keep a check on road safety and pollution, but it also ensures that your vehicle remains healthy and roadworthy.

At Superior Cars, we are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained professionals, who can perform a complete check of your Mercedes and trace any potential defects in it, whether minor, major or dangerous. After the assessment, we shall give you the list of the defects and appropriate solutions to remedy them. Upon your approval, we shall service, repair and replace the components as necessary to fix the faults. With our MOT, servicing and repair services, Mercedes DPF cleaning, we assure you that your Mercedes shall pass the MOT test without any hassles.

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