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Are you looking for a quick, reliable, and economical service for your Mitsubishi? Are you worried if it will pass the MOT test? We, at Superior Cars, offer the best Mitsubishi products and services in the area. 

Mitsubishi Tyres Northampton

We only sell original equipment that comes from reliable brand names. We supply and fit all components of a vehicle, however, we are recognised for the tyres we sell to our customers.

We sell tyres manufactured by the best brands that are reliable and deliver quality. However, you must make sure that the tyres you buy are compatible with the Mitsubishi model. You can find size and ratings that work well with your model in the manufacturer's manual. You can even take a close look at the sidewall of the tyres currently fitted to your car for size details. If you still have any concerns, come to our garage and talk to our team. They will answer any questions you may have concerning the tyres, and provide you with a complete insight on the factors to consider before finalising a tyre for your car. Moreover, you can even get the purchase tyres fitted for free at our workshop. The tyre brands that are largely fitted to Mitsubishi are:

Bridgestone Tyres

Dunlop Tyres

Yokohama Tyres

You can now even buy tyres online with a couple of clicks. Visit our online tyre shop, select the size and rating of tyres you are looking for, choose your preferred tyre-type and brand, and complete the purchase by making the payment. The ordered tyres will be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days.

For more details about the types and brands of tyres we sell, browse through our website.

Mitsubishi MOT Northampton

MOT clearance is a must for all vehicles in the UK. Not only does it validate that your Mitsubishi has legal authorisation to be driven on the UK roads, but it also points out that your car is safe, healthy and roadworthy. Regular servicing and maintenance is key to passing the MOT test trouble-free. Get the best servicing like Mitsubishi DPF Cleaning, repairs and maintenance services at Superior Cars.

If your car's MOT test is due soon and you are concerned about the results, bring it to our centre for the Pre-MOT check. Our trained experts will inspect the components and performance of your car model and prepare a detailed report consisting of the detected faults, their impact on the road safety, and advisories. You can follow-up on the provided advisories and get the issues rectified at our workshop. All the replacements and repairs will be carried out after your consent only. We perform the following MOT inspections at our test centre in Northampton:



MOT 5 Light


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If you believe there is something amiss with your Mitsubishi, bring it to our garage without any hesitation. If you want to discuss the issues concerning your car before visiting us, then send us a direct message or call us on 01604385061.

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