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Drive your Nissan stress-free for a very long time with the help of Superior Cars' Nissan Service Program. Our dedicated Nissan servicing and products are tailor-made to meet your car's specific needs to ensure that it gets the most excellent services.

OEM tyres and MOT service form a key part of our dedicated Nissan program.

Nissan Tyres Northampton

A large number of brands and types of tyres are available in the market now. There are separate tyres for standard vehicles, SUVs and sports cars, separate tyres for summer and winter driving, separate tyres for driving on roads, hills, and muddy areas. At Superior Cars, you shall have access to all types of tyres manufactured by globally recognised and reliable brands.

The brands usually fitted to Nissan are:





To buy Nissan tyres, come to our garage in Northampton. We will take little time to understand your requirements and vehicle-compatibility, and help you pick the best tyres for your Nissan. Once you complete the purchase, tyre fitting service, with correct wheel alignment and balancing, shall be provided to you for free as well.

You can now even buy Nissan tyres online from our site You must ensure that you are familiar with the size of the tyres compatible with your car before you make a purchase online. Refer the manual, take a peek at the sidewall of the tyres currently fitted to the car, or get in touch with our tyre experts. You can, then, use the search feature of our website to find the right Nissan tyres by selecting the size of tyres you need. No matter what model of Nissan you own, you will find the tyres perfect for it on our website.

For elaborated information about the tyres we provide, visit

Nissan MOT Northampton

If you have been driving your Nissan in the UK for long, you know that it must pass the annual MOT test for it to be considered roadworthy. In an MOT test, essential components are inspected for safety and performance, along with exhaust emissions. If any major or dangerous defects are found in this test, your car shall fail the MOT test and considered unfit to be driven on the UK roads. 

Our MOT service will ensure that doesn't happen to your vehicle. Our MOT experts shall perform an extensive check of your Nissan, inspecting it for all potential faults and leakages. A report shall be provided to you detailing a list of defects and advisories. You can choose to act on these advisories and the issues resolved with our servicing, repair and replacement services. These services shall be provided to you only after your consent.  We also offer Nissan DPF cleaning service in Northampton.

We offer the following MOT checks at our centre in Northampton:



MOT 5 Light


With Superior Cars Nissan MOT service, we assure you, you shall pass the MOT test hassle-free. Book an MOT appointment online today.

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If you have any queries or concerns regarding your Nissan, whether its related to tyres, MOT or any other specific issue, bring it to our Northampton garage at the earliest. Call us at 01604385061.

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