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Thank you for having a look at our site. Are you looking for a reliable garage in the Northampton area to carry out the service on your Peugeot?

No problem at all. Let us take care of everything. Whatever the service (interval-, oil-, annual- or holiday service), we will sort it out for you fast, accurate and cost efficient.

Peugeot service - Northampton - Superior Cars!

Peugeot air con re-gas:

Want us to have a look at your vehicles air condition? We can surely do that for you. Whether it's "just" a re-gar or a full check-up to make sure there are no leaks etc. 

our specialists will make sure, you will have the perfect feel-well climate in your car and there will be no bad smells, fungi, dust, pollen and bacteria building up in your car.

This is not just about the right temperature in your Peugeot - it's about your and your passenger's health as well.

The Peugeot Climate Service in Northampton - Superior Cars!

Brilliant! Two very important things for your vehicle have already been sorted. The next question is, are your tyres still ok? Do they still have sufficient tread on them and are they worn evenly? Are the tyres you have on, right for the season?

Let us have a look at them if you are not sure. Our experts will make sure your only direct connection between car and road are safe.

If any of your tyres need changing, you can find new tyres on our website. We have a huge variety of Peugeot tyres available for you. Whatever the tyre size, make or budget - you will find the right tyres right here.

After we have fitted your tyres, you should let us check your car's wheel alignment as well to make sure the wheels run smoothly and the tyres will last longer due to even wear - not to forget the lower fuel consumption due to lower rolling resistance.

Peugeot tyres and wheel alignment Northampton - Superior Cars!

Now, all the really important issues have been taken care of. All you have to remember now, is when your next MOT test is due...and to book it in with us on time.

Don't worry, we always have flexible appointments available.

Peugeot MOT Northampton - Superior Cars.