Peugeot Tyres and MOT Check

Are you looking for a trustworthy garage in Northampton that would not only take quality care of your Peugeot but also provide its high-grade OEM parts? Do you want a reliable test centre that would ensure that your car passes the MOT test?

No need to take your vehicle to numerous places? Gain all the services and products you need at one place only – Superior Cars in Northampton.

With over 27 years experience in the auto industry, Superior Cars is one of the oldest garages in the area and is widely recognised for its services, especially its tyres and MOT service.

Peugeot Tyres Northampton

If the tyres currently fitted to your Peugeot needs changing, then make sure the new tyres you buy come from a reliable brand and are compatible with your model. Consider your driving style, weather, terrain condition, vehicle type and several other factors before you purchase new tyres. Check the Peugeot manual for compatibility details, including recommended types and sizes.

You can visit our workshop to take a close look at our inventory of tyres. You will be provided complete support throughout the buying process, to help you make an informed decision and buy the best Peugeot tyres. Numerous brands globally recognised for their quality and durability are available at Superior Cars. The tyre brands that work well with Peugeot are Michelin Tyres and Firestone Tyres. Remember that fitting a car with the right tyres is crucial to its performance as well as road safety.

You can even visit our online tyre shop to buy new tyres. Select the correct tyre size, pick the preferred brand, and complete the order in a few clicks. The tyres will be delivered to you in a handful of working days. 

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Peugeot MOT Northampton

If your Peugeot is due an MOT test soon, then bring it to our test centre for a thorough Pre-MOT check. Our experienced professionals will check each component of your car for possible defects and leakages. Every smallest detail will be taken into account; from alignment to component health to emissions. A list of detected faults and advisories will be provided to you after the check. You can choose to take advantage of our services like Peugeot DPF Cleaning to get the servicing, repairs and replacements done to rectify the detected faults.

With Superior Cars Peugeot MOT Check, your car shall pass the MOT test with flying colours. We guarantee it! 

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