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Porsche is unquestionably one of the largest premium and sports car manufacturers in the world. To keep the performance levels up of these high-grade vehicles, it is essential that you must maintain them well and get them serviced regularly. When components such as tyres need to be replaced after a considerable period, make sure you replace them with reliable OEM components. Make sure the garage you submit your vehicle for servicing and pre-MOT check, has competent personnel and equipment capable of handling your ultra-modern car.

When it comes to servicing, MOT checks, and providing OEM components for Porsche, Superior Cars in unrivalled. We have been in the auto industry for more than 27 years and are recognised in the Northampton area and its vicinity for our high-quality services and OEM components.

Porsche Tyres Northampton

If you wish to feel the true power of your Porsche, ensure that it is fitted with the right tyres. Incompatible tyres will not only dampen its performance level but could also be hazardous to road safety. Porsche is your dream investment, so what's the point in limiting its potential by buying cheap quality tyres so you can save a couple of bucks. Buy tyres only from reliable brands that are known for their quality. The best brands of Porsche tyres includes names such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Pirelli, and Dunlop.

Feel free to come to our garage in Northampton to take a look at our inventory of tyres. Talk to our support team; they will guide you in choosing the best tyres for your high-performance car. You can also avail free tyre fitting service with precise wheel alignment and balancing.

You can even opt to shop online and buy tyres online from our website www.superiorcars.co.uk. Pick the size compatible with your model (refer current tyres or manufacturer manual), choose from the finest brands, and order online.

For more elaborated information about the types and brands of tyres we sell, refer www.superiorcars.co.uk.

Porsche MOT Northampton

The test-centre must be well-equipped with experienced personnel, armed with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to execute a proper MOT check of an ultra-modern car like Porsche. Superior Cars possesses these, and more with our MOT experts, who work with the utmost integrity and committed to delivering the best service for your car. They are updated with the latest MOT changes introduced in May 2018 and shall perform a comprehensive inspection of your Porsche to detect any potential defects and leakages. After the inspection, you shall be provided with the detailed report consisting of a list of faults and advisories. We shall rectify these defects with the help of our repair, servicing like Porsche DPF Cleaning, and replacement services upon your approval. 

Your Porsche is in capable hands at Superior Cars. We assure you that your vehicle shall breeze through the MOT test with ease.

Book a Porsche MOT appointment online with Superior Cars.

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If your Porsche is giving you trouble, if you need to buy its OEM parts, or want to get it serviced, then bring it to Superior Cars garage in Northampton. Our team there shall provide you with all the assistance you need concerning your car. You may even choose to send us a message or call us on 01604385061 to talk to our support team.

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