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Do you own a Renault car or an SUV? Regardless of the type and the model you use, Superior Cars garage is more than capable to take care of your dream car with dedicated Renault services and products.

Superior Cars garage has been serving the motorists in, and around, Northampton area for more than 27 years now. Our happy customers, few of which have been with us for more than a decade, are a testament to the quality and commitment we deliver in our services.

Our Renault program consists of two essential components, among many, which are Renault tyres and Renault MOT check.

Renault Tyres Northampton

Our workshop possesses an extensive range of tyres that come from numerous brands, and in varying types and sizes. Don't believe us? Come, take a look at our rich inventory yourself and pick tyres for the Renault from the finest brands. We only sell tyres from reliable brands, that back their product with the quality and durability they promise. Fitting a car with a compatible tyre is must if you want to gauge its real capability; a wrong tyre shall dampen its performance. Before you buy new tyres, make sure you know the compatible size, and have considered factors such as the terrains you drive on, current weather, and load capacity. 

Subject to the model you own, we recommend opting for following brands for Renault vehicles:

Michelin Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres

Yokohama Tyres

Continental Tyres

You can buy Renault tyres from our garage or our online shop. To shop online, use our search tool, select the size appropriate for your car, and buy from the best brands of tyres available.

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Renault MOT Northampton

Passing an MOT test is mandatory for most vehicles in the UK now. In this test, your car will be assessed for its performance, safety, and emissions. Components are inspected for leakages and faults. As per the new regulations, introduced in May 2018, if a Major or Dangerous fault is detected, your car will fail the MOT test and not allowed to be driven on the UK roads until you remedy the issues and get the MOT-pass certificate.

If your Renault's MOT test is due soon and you are worried, bring it to our garage in Northampton. Our experts will check your vehicle for any potential issues, and shall rectify them with the required services, repairs, and replacements upon your consent. With our Renault MOT service, Renault DPF Cleaning, your car shall pass the MOT test with flying colours.

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