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Thank you for taking the time to have a look at our Superior Cars information page about the clutch.

The clutch is an important component of any car or van with manual transmission. In modern automatic transmissions, even two clutches are being used. The clutch establishes the connection between the engine and the gearbox and can separate them- otherwise it would not be possible to stop the car while the engine is running. The clutch also allows comfortable start-up when you first drive off.

A further duty of the clutch is the compensation of different rotational speeds between the engine and the transmission.

If you press down the clutch pedal of your car, the connection between the engine and the transmission is disconnected. When releasing the clutch pedal, the connection is re-established.

The clutch consists essentially of two parts: the clutch disc and the pressure plate. As long as you do not pass the clutch pedal of your car, the clutch plate is pressed against the flywheel of the engine by the pressure plate. Thereby the force of the engine is transmitted to the driven wheels. As soon as you press the clutch pedal, the connection between the engine and the transmission is interrupted and no more force is transmitted to the wheels.

This technique allows you to change gears, and you can always choose the right gear for the desired speed. Avoid abrupt engagement and great speed differences to preserve the clutch. When used properly, it will last more than 60000 miles. Driving with trailers or caravans increases the load and thus the wear.

Modern automatic transmissions also work with the help of a clutch. In so-called direct-shift transmissions (in short: DSG), two clutches are even used to minimize load changes during the shifting operations and to increase driving comfort.

Do you hear strange noises when changing gears? Does the clutch pedal suddenly fee different? To avoid expensive consequences, you should visit our Superior Cars workshop for Clutch Repair Northampton immediately if you notice something unusual.

At Superior Cars, we can help you fix any clutch issues quick, accurately and cost effective. Please contact us - we will be happy to help.

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