Diesel Pump Reconditioning

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It is very common to see a car owner, like you and me, struggling in a car with a malfunctioning diesel pump. Indeed, if your vehicle cannot get the correct proportion of fuel in its engines, it will choke while trying to produce adequate power to move.

Experts recommend inspecting the diesel fuel pump at least once every four years, and to make sure that you do that, we, Superior Cars, have introduced our diesel pump recondition service at our garage at Northampton.

We have a team of mechanics who are certified to handle all the minute components of your car’s diesel pump. If you visit our workshop for the same, we will make sure we fix it at the earliest.

Our service range includes –

  1. A complete visual inspection of the unit, including components that depend on the fuel pump (pipes, connectors, etc.).
  2. Dismantle the entire pump for repair and replacement of parts.
  3. We will look for signs of wearing on the components. If anything needs to be replaced, we will replace it. If there is something that needs repair, like the chain drive or the cover, we will repair it too.
  4. After we remove components like the control circuit, O rings, etc., we will clean the pump using an ultrasonic cleaner.
  5. The dismantled and cleaned unit is taken to a sterilised room and reassembled.
  6. We will use the latest testing equipment to calibrate and test the reassembled pump. Calibrating is a vital part of our diesel pump recondition service. It ensures that your car’s engine gets the correct share of fuel every time.

At our store, we also offer brand new pumps at affordable prices. We stock products from every major manufacturer, and you will get a warranty and all necessary paper works whenever you buy a new product from us. Also, you can purchase factory-repaired pumps from us.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Superior Cars Northampton today to get that diesel pump recondition service that your vehicle so badly needs. Being one of the largest car service garages in Northampton, we will offer you attractive rates on all our services.

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