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At Superior Cars Garage our team is especially trained to perform DPF removals.

We have put some information together for you to answer some of the questions you might have.

If you have any concerns or queries after reading, please contact us. We will be happy to give you more information.

What does the abbreviation DPF mean?

This is the abbreviation for diesel particulate filters.

Why is the DPF in the cars?

The DPF cleans the exhaust gases of diesel vehicles, which means it keeps the small un-burnt soot particles back.

The car is therefore given the green sticker and can then also travel in the signposted environmental zones of the inner city.

What happens to the soot particles in the filter?

They are burned regularly when driving. This is automatically triggered by the control of the electronics.

This is called the regeneration. The driver does not notice anything.

Then everything is OK. Why then replace or clean the diesel particle filter?

The combustion process during this regeneration leaves ash that can not be burned. This then clogs the soot particle filter (DPF).

In addition, residues are generated by the engine and by oils.

So, it's full. Why should I care?

This can damage the engine and the car can stop. In addition, you will not pass MOT.

Then why not just put a new filter in?.

The diesel particulate filters are very expensive. They are of very good quality for branded cars and consist of high-qualitymaterial. They usually do not consume themselves. They are only depending on driving style and type after about 75000 miles full with ash.

Why throw away or give away?

The DPF has to be cleaned only by professionals. Depending on the type of vehicle,you can save between £250 and £1800!

There are these "cheap" liquids. Why should I not use them?

These cleaning fluids do not get into the filter anywhere. They are injected into the filter in the installed state. It is then only the soot removed by the subsequent combustion and not the ashes, thus a half-thing with much time expenditure.

But the workshops can start the regeneration of the diesel particulate filters electronically and repeat until even in the vehicles,which drive little highway and long-distance drive everything is burnt?

The ashes remain. This can not be burnt and clogged the filter. The longer they wait, the more power drops the car has and also more fuel consumption. The ashes must go out.

What is the best solution?

Remove the diesel particle filter (complete with housing) in a workshop and send it to DPF24 for cleaning or have it collected.

There, the filter is removed, mechanically and thermally treated and gently cleaned, so that it almost as a new DPF brings its filter performance.

How do I know removed ashes are removed?

The filter is weighed before and after cleaning. The ash that has been removed can be calculated from the difference in weight.

How much does this cost?

It depends on the type of vehicle. We would certainly give you a proper estimate on it after looking at your vehicle so you can make a decision.In any case, it is (much) cheaper than a new diesel particle filter.

And how long can I drive again?

Depending on driving conditions and engine conditions similar to a new diesel particle filter again approx. 75000 miles.

Why is there no cheaper method for effective cleaning?

The diesel particulate filters are not yet available in large quantities in passenger cars.

At the beginning, it is always easier to easily exchange parts because the subject matter is not yet known.

For the environment, however, it is much better to recycle such high-quality parts.Keyword Environment.

What happens to the removed ash?

This is special waste and must be handled and disposed of according to the law. This is very important, otherwise thefilter would just be an "alibi" and would actually do nothing to the environment if the ashes were thrown away somewhere.

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