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At times, you might feel that your car runs slow, even when all its components are working perfectly. Most of the time, this is caused by a generic ECU programming done by your car’s manufacturer.

Vehicle manufacturers export their cars to countries all over the world. To comply with all the different emission standards, fuel availability, road safety issue, they often generically map the ECU.  It de-tunes your car, preventing it from performing at its fullest potential.

Numerous customers have complained about how manufacturers limit the output of their cars. True, it creates more problems than solutions, most of the time. To make sure that our customers do not suffer from limited performance, we, Superior Cars, are offering ECU remapping in Northampton.

  • Stepping it up a notch –

ECU, or Engine Control Unit, is a small-scale computer that is inside every modern vehicle nowadays. This tiny computer acts as the brain of your vehicle, controlling everything from its engine’s performance to checking whether all the other components are working fine or not. Overwriting the older software with a custom-made one; the newer version will increase your car’s performance multiple times.

At our ECU remapping garage, we use the latest version available to remap your car’s engine. Our technicians are certified to do both Chip tuning (updating the software directly on the EPROM), and ECU flashes via OBD port to make sure you get the best suitable one for your vehicle.

  • What’s the difference?

Not much actually. Whether you opt for a direct ECU flash, or a program replacement from the EPROM directly, you will get a newer version of the software installed.

Although, chip tuning is slightly out-dated. Since modern cars have OBD ports, most of our customers (and us) opt for direct remapping.

  • Should you go for a remapping?

Yes, definitely. ECU remapping will unlock your car’s real potential. Whether you are looking for a performance boost or increasing your car’s mileage, ECU remapping in Northampton can be one of the safest, easiest, and the most economical way to do it.

If you prefer to install a performance-enhancing update, you will notice an instant increase in overall torque and power. Power delivery throughout the rev range will be a lot smoother too, along with the better overall response.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is efficiency based remapping. It is perfect if you want to increase your car’s fuel efficiency. Better MPG will not only go easy on your pocket, but it will also help you minimise your carbon footprint.

  • Options -

Superior Cars takes every task on engine remapping at Northampton very seriously. Although, there are two main types of tuning options that you can get.

  1. Performance tuning – If you want to make your car faster, this is the update that you should go for. Performance tuning lets your car’s engine to unleash its real potential. Performance tuning concentrate on changing (increasing in most cases) your car’s Air to Fuel ratio, boost pressure, injector duty cycles, and removing speed limits, increasing RPM limiter to achieve much better performance.

However, you should remember that performance tuning will not increase your car’s fuel efficiency, as it would start burning a lot more gas to generate that extra power.

  1. Economy tuning – Most of us drive to our office and schools daily, and if you are planning to drive your car every day, good mileage will soon become very important. We have thus brought our economy tuning services at our Northampton

We target to achieve at least 20% improved fuel economy for our customer. Also, with RPM and speed limiters, the daily commute will become a lot safer for you and your loved ones.

ECU remapping at Northampton will change your car’s entire performance graph, without changing all its vital components like engine, transmission, etc. It gives you the freedom to make your vehicle more fuel efficient, or better performing, whatever you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your car to Superior Cars today, and get the best deals in engine remapping at Northampton. Call us today to know more about all our packages. We also take priority booking online.

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