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There are quite a few differences between petrol and diesel engines. Diesel creates a lot more soot and particle when it burns. This, in return, blocks the injector valves that spray diesel inside the chamber. Modern diesel engines are heavily dependent on the fuel injectors, and the ECU programming that controls the diesel flow. So, with a choked injector nozzle, engines start to stutter and slow down.

Blocked fuel injector can be a real issue. You will face problems whenever you try to start your car; there will be insufficient power output, and it will slowly damage the car engine. So, to make sure that you and your vehicle do not suffer from clogged injectors, we, Superior Cars, have brought our injector recondition service Northampton.

If you face an issue with a clogged injector, bring your car to us, we will make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and consequently, is sending an adequate amount of gas every time it works.

What do we have to offer:

Whenever you bring your car to Superior Cars for injector recondition at Northampton, we will thoroughly test the fuel injectors for any sign of clogging, electronics malfunctioning and wear. After the test, once we detect the issue, we will recondition it.

Cleaning it is a step-by-step process. Here is how we do it –

  1. O rings, filter, caps are removed.
  2. The entire body is cleaned thoroughly.
  3. The coil inside the injector body is then tested to see if it is holding the correct resistance.
  4. We will use the top-of-the-line ultrasonic cleaning system to clean any clogged dirt and soot inside the valves.
  5. After cleaning it, the spray pattern will be tested to make sure they are correctly atomising the fuel.
  6. After checking whether or not it is working effectively, the volume of fuel flow is measured (each injector is measured, and it should be within 2% of the correct flow rate).
  7. Injectors are also tested for any leakage and to make sure their pintle is connected correctly. It ensures that no fuel seeps from the top of the nozzle.

This entire process takes about an hour or so. Also, at Superior Cars, most of the process mentioned above is done by our state-of-the-art cleaning unit. So next time you visit us for diesel injector reconditioning at Northampton, you won't have to wait much at all while we repair your vehicle.

Service and Superior Cars:

Visit us at Superior Cars and watch us turn your car from a coughing machine to a roaring beast in no time. You will feel the change when you drive your car, courtesy an improved mileage and emission standard.

Call us today, or book a priority appointment online for your next injector recondition service at Northampton.

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