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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres for your vehicle?


Runflat tyres with or without rims as additional protection in case of a breakdown.

Runflat tyres allow safe handling of the vehicle in the event of a complete loss of compressed air. Depending on the model selected, RFT tyres can travel approximately 60 to 100 miles after a tyre damage and the tyres can even be driven at a speed of approx. 50 mph. This means, that car drivers don't need to do a tyre change at the roadside, which can be dangerous or have to wait for the  breakdown assistance to arrive.RFT tyres are available as a summer tyre as well as a winter tyre for your car in our Superior cars shop. Many brands already offer these tyres with the proven emergency running characteristics for many different cars. 

The construction of runflat tyres

To make it possible to continue driving with a tyre damage, Runflat tyres are equipped with reinforced side walls. These prevent the tyre from flattening or bursting in the event of sudden air loss. A further task of the reinforced side walls is the transmission of the steering, drive and braking forces in your passenger car. Runflat tyres are mounted on specially shaped rims that prevent a damaged tyre from leaping off. RTF tyres in the form of winter tyres certainly have the snowflake symbol. If there is no snowflake showing on the Runflat tyre, it is not a real winter tyre.

Optical signal for tire damage

To indicate to the driver that a tyre damage is present, runflat tyres must have a tyre breakdown indicator. This shows the damage of the tyre by an optical signal in the cockpit. Run-flat tyres offer the additional advantage that it is not necessary to carry a spare wheel with a rim. Due to the associated reduction in weight, Runflat tyres also enable reduced fuel consumption.

Our Superior Cars expert advice:

Please always make sure, you get your Runfalt tyres fitted by experienced experts only. Every year we have people coming to our workshop who have been to other garages before and now asking for our help and advice as the other garages could not fit the Runflat tyres properly, have broken the locking wheel nuts or damaged the rims or tyres due to improper use of tools and equipment.

So, why not come to us in the first place?

Here at our Superior Cars workshop in Northampton, you can look forward to our excellent service.

Not only do we have a great variety of Runflat tyres available from many different brands in many different sizes - we can also fit them for you in a quick, fast and accurate manner - Safety at very fair prices.

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