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Car Servicing and car Repairs with Superior Cars

Vehicle Inspection/service is a matter of trust: Let us at Superior Cars look after your car. We do all kinds of Car Servicing Northampton according to the manufacturer's specifications and only use best, original equipment quality parts. Manufacturer's warranties are being maintained - Plus everything is done at a very reasonable price!

Regular inspections ensure that your vehicle is operating at its best, and therefore the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users are guaranteed.

Every vehicle check at Superior Cars Northampton is carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions and as registered in the service book. And if any issue is spotted with your car, you can make use of our technicians' help who will do the appropriate Car Repairs Northampton.

A visual and functional test according to the manufacturer's instructions

  • Lights and electronics
  • Exhaust
  • Tyres
  • Body and vehicle interior
  • Chassis and brakes Engine compartment
  • Check and replace defective parts - only if necessary and only after speaking to our customers (we will certainly provide an estimate)
  • Oil and oil filters
  • spark plugs
  • air filter
  • Other operating materials such as brake fluid etc.
  • Advantages of an inspection/ service at Superior Cars:

Full manufacturer's guarantee

The manufacturing guarantee is maintained to the full extent, as the inspection is carried out according to the manufacturer's specification and only spare parts in original part quality are installed.

Prevention of consequential damage

Regular maintenance avoids consequential damage - and high repair costs for you. Also, your car retains its value for much longer.

Longer motor life

Increased engine life - and less fuel consumption even on full power.

Q & A - all about Inspection/service

Why does my car need a regular inspection? In order for your vehicle to stay reliable and safe, it needs regular maintenance. Wear parts and operating materials must be replaced regularly, brakes and electronics must be checked. For many car manufacturers, the regular inspection/service is also a crucial part of their terms and conditions of a car's warranty.

If the inspection is not carried out regularly at defined intervals, the warranty expires.

How often does my car need to be inspected?

How often a car needs to be serviced depends on the manufacturer's specifications and also on how you are using your vehicle.

You can find out the service intervals for your car by checking the car's handbook (manual). Many modern cars also have an electronic display that indicates when a service is due.

What does "original parts quality" mean?

Nearly all vehicle parts are also available as a cheaper version but these are not from the respective car manufacturer, so they are not original spare parts. We always prefer to use original manufacturer's parts, but if our customers wish to go for cheaper parts, we are now able to offer so-called "Ident parts". These are much cheaper - but still in original equipment quality and certified. Their installation does not have any negative effects on the manufacturing guarantee as they are also accepted by car manufacturers.

Expert advice:

Please do not delay any vehicle services when due and always get your service book stamped. For car servicing Northampton, visit Superior Cars today 

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