Suspension System

When it comes to vital components of a vehicle that ensures the comfortable ride, Suspension system plays an important role there. Safe suspension infuses up the bumps in the road that we encounter while driving and hence keeps you safe and comfortable by allowing the brakes and tyres to work properly as designed. The operation of a car suspension is:

  • To increase the friction between the tyres and the ground.
  • To implement steering stability with good handling
  • To guarantee the comfort of the passengers etc.

We at Superior Cars offers servicing and repair of suspension components like Spring, Shock, Strut, etc. Spring allows our car to absorb the energy of a bump or bad roads without quaking the occupants of the car. Shocks work to diminish the spring’s natural tendency to oscillate. The shock is premeditated with fluid and internal channels to control the movement of the wheel. Over time the fluid can leak or damage. Therefore it becomes vital then to get the fluid refilled Strut is a unit that connects the spring and shock into one unit. Shocks and struts can wear out and hence will affect the control. If your car jumps excessively over bumps and inclines hard in corners, your shocks could be worn. Any leak of oil behind the wheel is a sure sign of a worn shock or strut. General mileage estimate for shock or strut life is 50,000 - 70,000-mile range depending on your driving style and road conditions.

Suspension components are repaired by our employed experts who work day and night to keep you safe on the road and off road. From shocks to ball joints, struts or spring, lubrications, etc. all the aspects related to suspension components are taken care of.

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