Tyre Cleaning

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Tyres should occasionally be cleaned. However, this cleaning process is particularly important before storage when changing from summer tyres to winter tyres and vice versa:

Our Superior Cars expert advice:

  • Do not use detergents containing solvents or oils, they will damage the rubber!
  • The cleaning is best done with clear water with the addition of soap or dish washing detergent

If you are using high-pressure cleaning equipment for car wash, please note the following:

Tyres must never be cleaned with a circular nozzle.When cleaning with a flat-jet nozzle or a so-called dirt cutter, a minimum clearance of 20 cm is required

This is how your complete wheels are cleaned at Superior Cars Northampton:

  • With a special wheel washing machine
  • Environmentally friendly washing method without chemicals
  • Careful and professional cleaning of your tyres and rims
  • Cost-effective and fast

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