Even without pre-booked appointment - for more safety

For Superior Cars, changing tyres means more than just a simple replacement: our service offers you more safety and saves costs in the long term. Without appointment and at very fair prices.

Trained professional staff
  • More safety.
  • Less wear.
  • On request with balancing.
  • Fast service - without advance booking or on request with appointment.

With climate changes becoming more and more apparent in the UK, we recommend a tyre change twice a year as only a tyre profile adapted to the actual weather conditions ensures optimal road adhesion. Tyre change, however, is not the same at every garage - it is a matter of trust. A professional tyre change at a high quality workshop done by specially trained experts as ours at Superior Cars offers you the greatest possible safety.

Technical specification of tyre positions.Impeccable fastening of your tyres by trained personnel using only the best technical equipment Check and optimize the tyre pressure.Measurement of profile depth and advice on possible risks.We also recommend regular balancing of the wheels to avoid a "fluttering" steering wheel and excessive tyre wear. At Superior Cars, you can certainly get your wheels balanced as a separate service.

Please also have a look at our wheel alignment/tracking section on this website.

Your advantages with Superior Cars:
  • Tyre change wit or without pre-booked appointment.

More safety thanks to trained experts A worn out tyre profile, an improperly fixed -or broken wheel nut, an imbalance or a incorrect allocation of the tyre position: many factors are essential for your safety and can be easily overlooked by laymen. The knowledge of our Superior Cars experts ensures the best possible service for your safety.

Visual inspection of the brake system Every time you change your tyres, our specialists also take a critical look at the braking system of your car. This way, they can advise you of wear and tear at an early stage and, if necessary, recommend a brake test or create an individual offer for you.

Protection of axle and body parts The balancing of the wheels in the course of a tire change prevents unnecessary vibrations and thus prevents premature wear of many components such as chassis bearings and shock absorbers.

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