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Admiral tyres are produced in South Korea by the well-known tyre manufacturer Kumho.

Admiral tyres are good quality low budget tyres. It might not be a really famous brand yet, but they are definitely a name to remember when it's about budget range tyres. 

Although Admiral tyres are rather cheap compare to other brands, you can still expect good quality. These tyres are after all made by Kumho - a manufacturer with an excellent reputation for over 60 years. Kumho has many partners in the automotive industry and some of the best and most famous car manufacturers use Kumho tyres because of their good quality and their safety. 

So, you can't really go wrong with Admiral tyres. If you only have a smaller budget to spend, Admiral tyres might be just what you have been looking for.

We always have a good range of Admiral tyres in many different sizes and for every season available. Please have a look on our specific tyre listing.

Or, just type in your car's tyre size and/or reg. number into our search section and see our full tyre range within a few seconds.



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