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The tyre brand Aoteli belongs to the tyre manufacturer Shengtai Group Co., which was established in China in 1982. 
The Chinese tyre brand attaches great importance to the quality of its production with a desire to make a positive and lasting impact on the European market. 
In production, the tyre manufacturer with its over 2000 employees uses high-quality materials from Germany, Japan and the Netherlands. 

Around 6 million semi steel (car tyres)  - Summer tyres, Winter tyres and All-season tyres plus baout three million of full steel (Heavy duty tyres for machinery) are being produced annually and sold in may countries world wide.

If you are looking for cheap, budget tyres and want to give Aoteli tyres a try, please have a look at our stock list on this website. We are confident, you will find the right tyres for your vehicle here.
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