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The tyre manufacturer Avon was founded in 1904. Since its inception, the company has significantly expanded its product lines. Today, Avon Tyres is owned by Cooper Tyre & Rubber Company. Over the last 100 years, the company has produced tyres for other four-wheeled vehicles, such as transporters and trailers, as well as two-wheel vehicles such as motorcycles. The last three were not yet available when the company was founded, but were added when the business was extended. Thanks to the good quality that played an important role from the outset, Avon is now a global company. Wherever you are in the world, you can find Avon tyres on all types of vehicles, mainly because they are produced in all types and for all purposes.No matter what type of vehicle, driving style and needs you have, Avon offers you the tyres that best fit. Avon's products are not only used on highways, highways, and urban areas, but many races are also being won on racetracks around the world with the help of these high-quality tires. This applies to both four-wheel and two-wheel vehicles in all types of races. The company's know-how in tyre development makes it an excellent choice.

Avon is today one of the leading tyre manufacturers because the company has adapted to the rapid development in the industry, but also because it is a progressive manufacturer that combines new technology and design in its production. One hundred years in the industry have given the company an advantage. The entire knowledge and experience of the company flow into the affordable products. Thanks to this background and context, Avon tyres are an easy choice for consumers looking for high-quality tires that not only guarantee safe and long-lasting driving, but also make the ride itself special.



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