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The Barum company  was originally founded in 1945. In 1993 it became a subsidiary of the well-known German tyre producer Continental.Continental Barum s.r.o is the official company name.

The company headquarter is located in Czech Republic - in the town Otrokovice. Not only are there Barum tyres produced in this factory. Also brands like Uniroyal and Continental tyres are made at this  factory. Barum tyres are also produced at other factories of the Continental group like in France, Sweden Portugal and Romania.Barum (formally part of the Bata shoe group) also produces brake components for the automotive industry like: brake pads, brake discs, brake hoses and brake cables.

With 4800 employees working on site, Barum is the largest employer in the region.

Barum not only produces passenger car tyres, but also manufactures truck tyres and tyres for large industrial vehicles and heavy machinery.

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