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The Blackstone brand has made itself a name for its ruggedness and longevity under the tyres. 

Blackstone tyres are produced by Continental exclusively for the Dutch tyre manufacturer Van den Ban Autobanden - one of the leading tyre distributors in Europe.Van den Ban sells Blackstone (formerly Flamingo) tyres as its own brand on the European market.

Blackstone offers tyres with a high quality standard at a good price-performance ratio. The product range includes winter tyres and summer tyres for cars and light trucks.


The tire "CD 1000" from Blackstone offers excellent water displacement and is very reliable on the road. The  "CD 2000" is suitable for small cars as well as for the middle class and is a long-lasting companion. The "CD 3000" is a high-performance tyre designed  for sporty driving. Tyres like the  "CD Van" are ideal for small trucks and vans and are known for good handling characteristics. The  Blackstone "Alaska"  is a winter tyre, with a good reputation in the market with various good test results. These tyres are reliable, have a good ground adhesion on ice, snow and wetness. 


We at Superior Cars think Blackstone tyres surely are a safe and reliable alternative. This brand is of also benefiting from the great experience of the manufacturer Continental. Blackstone tyres are available in a variety of sizes and provide high-quality workmanship for a secure grip in any weather. Thanks to their low weight, they are easy to fit and adapt to many vehicle types. 

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