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    Today, Continental manufactures a variety of different types of tyres. The company produces tyres for all types of weather and finishes. The tyres are specially tailored to the different needs of different vehicles in order to achieve the best possible performance. Continental produces tyres for passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles and special tyres for industrial

    vehicles. At Continental, safety is always a priority. The company has a great responsibility to produce safe tyres as much as possible. No matter what your needs are for your rides, you can be sure that Continental has a tyre that fits your driving style and vehicle. If you do not need to focus on things like safety, you can easily enjoy driving. In addition to the production of safe tyres, Continental is also striving to develop tyres that can impact the environment as little as possible. If you are looking for a tyre that meets your specific needs, which is safe and as little environmental pollution as possible, Continental tyres fit well to you.

    Continental - History

    Continental is one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers. In addition to tyres, the company produces a range of other products, Brake systems, vehicle electronics and safety systems. Continentals production of rubber products has a long history, which began in 1871, when the Continental Caoutchouc og Gutta-Percha stock company was founded in Hanover. Today, Continental has factories and offices in 36 countries and employs more than 130,000 people. The aim of the company is to produce high quality products that increase safety. Continental invents and develops solutions that focus on safety, the environment, information and cost-saving cars. By thinking and acting in a way that is holistic, systematic and network-oriented, the company can translate its ideas into mass production more quickly than others.

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    The philosophy of Continental is based on four pillars: trust, the will to victory, the freedom to act and work for each other. Without confidence Continental would not have been as successful as it is today. They keep their promises, regardless of whether they are facing employees, business partners or interested parties. The desire to win is strong at Continental and the goal is always to offer the best possible performance. Therefore, the company is constantly striving to improve its products and to find new and better solutions. For Continental, the freedom to act is that they give their employees considerable flexibility in their work, which means that vitality and longevity of Continental are strengthened. Continental's products expand the possibilities for free action. Cooperation is of paramount importance to the company. In this way the parts of the company can merge and support each other. Continental believes that its knowledge increases when shared. Through the open handling of mistakes one can learn from each other and thus have success.

    Much of Continental's success is based on innovation and the company's commitment to new and better products. As an example one could mention that in 1905, Continental already created a predecessor of today's spike tires, a riveted anti- lewing tire. Already in the 30s, Continental tires began to be used on the racetracks. With these tyres, several speed world records were entered, and the victories are many. These successes were repeated in the 50s, when the drivers who were racing with Continental tires won the French, German, British and Italian Grand Prix and the Carrera Pan America. In the 1950s, Continental began to produce tubeless tires and air springs for trucks and buses. Continental was the first company in the world to produce air suspension for buses and trucks.

    In the late 1970s and 1980s, Continental acquired a number of other companies, including the Austrian company Semperit. This meant that the market for Continentals products grew significantly during this period. In 1987, they also took over General Tyre Inc, which had factories in Mexico and North America. As a further step in expanding Continental's presence in North America, the company decided to enter into a partnership with two Japanese tire manufacturers and to manufacture tires for commercial vehicles in the North American market. In 1991 Continentals industrial production is reorganized and runs from then on under the name of ContiTech. ContiTech has production sites in countries such as Italy, Brazil, China, Mexico, Sweden and Germany. In the same year that ContiTech was formed, Continental became the first tire manufacturer to launch an eco-friendly tire, ContiEcoContact. In the early 2000s, Continental began working with Bridgestone to develop a standardized run-flat system. Together with Yokohama, Continental formed a joint venture in 2002 to better serve the Japanese market. In 2007, Continental became one of the five largest automotive suppliers in the world when the company bought Siemens VDO Automotive AG. This means that the company is able to strengthen its position in Europe, Asia and North America.

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