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DurunTyres was time-honored in 1996 by a leading Chinese tyre manufacturer. The Durun brand name is earmarked for the export market and is of improved quality than any other cheap Chinese tyres. Every Duruntyres go through a tremendously rigid quality guarantee system before the tyres are unconfined for sale transnationally. Duruntyres have been circulated to more than 50 countries around the world. Durun brand has been bestowed as the Well-Known Trademark award by the Chinese Trademark Bureau. Durun have erected a solid reputation for them as a Chinese tyre manufacturer who produces superior character tyres for both cars and light trucks at very reasonable prices.

  • Durun M626 tyres- an ultra-high performance tyre with an asymmetric tread pattern that offers exceptional high-speed driving, great response, along with attractive sport
  • Durun STCI tyre is a robust radiated tyre enhanced for efficacy designed with a specially formulated tread compound.

You’ll be amazed at the discount prices offered at Superior Cars. If you want to know if Durun makes the perfect tyres for your needs, get in touch with one our experts so we can give you insider familiarity on which wheels will fit your necessities. Durun has all the familiar certifications to sell all over the world. These tyres are little worth but high-performance tyres for sports cars, full-size sedans & SUVs, etc. With a good looking,



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