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Falcon tyres were produced for the first time in 1983. They were - and still are today a flagship ultra high performance of the Japanese brand Ohtsu Tyre and Rubber. Already two years after starting the production of Falcon tyres, the company began to also export them. First to the USA and a few years later also to Europe. Now, three decades later, Falken is a very well-known and basically independent brand focused on products with ultra high performance (UHP). The company sells its tyres all over the world and the market share is growing constantly, especially in Europe. This is due to the excellent quality and performance. Since 2003, Ohtsu Tyre and Rubber has been owned by Sumimoto Rubber Industries, the world's sixth-largest tyre manufacturer.

Falcon Tyres

In addition to the exceptional high-performance tyres, the company also has a wide range of tyres for passenger cars, trucks and vehicles with all-wheel drive. The tyre sizes ranges from 12 to 22 inches. In their segment, there is a wide selection of quality tyres for consumers. These qualities have been developed with the aid of technicians from professional motorsport. By using the standards and techniques developed and applied in motorsport, the company is at the forefront of development. Its products are continually developed and improved according to the latest technologies. Thanks to its excellent quality, Falken is today the supplier of original accessories for vehicle brands such as Subaru, Suzuki or Daihatsu.



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