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Hankook is at the forefront of the development and manufacture of car tyres. The latest materials are combined with quality and design to produce excellent tyres. Hankook's goal is to be recognized as one of the world's best and most successful tyre manufacturers developing new innovative products through the use of the latest technologies. Since the Hankook racing cars have also conquered the American market, the company is still more involved in motorsports through smart investment. Hankook is very popular on race tracks: many first-place finishers drive with Hankook tyres. Numerous races, such as the Scottish Rally Championship, are sponsored by Hankook at Motorsport. Hankook is also the official outfitter of tyres for the German Touring Car Masters, one of the most popular races in his discipline.In addition, Hankook is committed to working as a company for environmental friendliness and sustainability. Therefore, Hankook is constantly striving to reduce the impact of production on the environment. The company promotes the development of products and technologies that contribute to the preservation of the environment. Hankook takes responsibility for the improvement of the environment also beyond the factory walls. An important step for this is the increased environmental compatibility of the products. Whether you need tyres for your car or your racing car, Hankook can help you. The Hankook tyre design products offer many advantages to customers. Hankook pursues the goal of further perfecting the tyres with regard to their performance and the technology behind them. You can rely on Hankook to provide you with state-of-the-art tyre technology. With Hankook tyres you get tyres that not only perform well but offer the best performance. You can be confident that the Hankook tyres are safe and reliable. The tyres are carefully tested by the manufacturer to ensure your satisfaction. The company knows that quality is critical to their customers. Therefore only tyres with the best characteristics are sold.

If you choose a Hankook tyre, you choose quality and best performance.


Hankook was founded in 1941 and is the first Korean tyre manufacturer. Since then, Hankook has paved the way for other Korean tyre manufacturers. However, the company has maintained its position as a pioneer in the tyre industry. 80 percent of sales go abroad. Today, Hankook sells its tyres worldwide in over 180 countries. The success of Hankook is based on the use of the latest technology and an international production process. Besides tyres, the company also manufactures batteries, light alloy rims and brake pads. Hankook employs approximately 14,000 people in the four regional headquarters, five research facilities, and over 20 local corporate offices across all continents. The company has been named Hankook since 1968. Previously, the company was known under the name Chosun Tire Company. At present, Hankook produces more than 50 million tires every year. Several car manufacturers use Hankook tyres as standard tyres for their new cars. Hankook is mainly known for its radial and diagonal tyres. The Hankook tyres are produced at factory locations in South Korea, China, Hungary and Indonesia. Another plant in Tennessee, USA, is under construction. The company is headquartered in South Korea.

The aim of the company is to provide high quality products as well as provide excellent service. Hankook is keen to remain the market leader in customer satisfaction. The company will continue to be one of the world's leading tyre manufacturers with high profit and professional and motivated employees. Hankook relies on the production of high-quality quality tyres and an expansive strategy. For Hankook, it is also important to increase the quality of life of employees and society. The company's environment should also benefit from its activities. Hankook manufactures, among other things, tires for passenger cars, SUVs, trucks and buses. Roughly five percent of Hankook's revenues are invested in research and development, with the aim of improving the products. In order to respond to the customer's needs and requirements, Hankook currently operates five research facilities worldwide at various locations. Hankook is aware of the importance of research. Research is crucial to always be on the cutting edge of technology and to promote innovation. The company's products are manufactured to meet high customer requirements. Hankook has set itself the goal of fulfilling customer requirements - even before the desire at the customer. The fact that Hankook's tyres are used in motorsports must be capable of withstanding extreme loads. Since the tyres are adapted to the extraordinary demands of motor sport, Hankook's customers can be assured that the tyres are suitable for extreme challenges. Hankook also applies a special self-checking system, in which the produced tyres are tested by the company itself. Through this control Hankook was able to optimize the driving experience. The control resulted in an improvement of performance, comfort, safety and environmental compatibility.



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